There is no better way to pay back to society than providing the most desired an important infrastructure in the form of modern education.

Liberty Kids School tends to build resourceful child, rendering them wisdom which will lead to bright future.

Liberty Kids proclaims strong vision for the future of young people and has a deep understanding of responsibility to help shape kids life.

We aim to provide kids “basic comprehensive education”. We provide kids various opportunities to explore their creativity. We create enthusiasm in kids for learning according to mental ability & interest.

We are confident that in the years to come we will equip our students with not only the basic knowledge of their concerned discipline. We will train prepare kids to stand on their own and achieve perfection in the passion of their choice.

  • Ms. Shital P. Sakhare
  • Principal
  • "Liberty Kids Day Care & Pre School"
  • Sarvodya Residency, Row House-1,
  • Near Jagtap Dairy, Vishal Nagar, Pune.

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